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Full Spectrum Analytical (FSA) Instrument Refurbishment Services can now be put to work for your existing Agilent Chromatography Instruments! Our many years of technical expertise and instrument knowledge is also available in the form of Depot Repair Services. You may have a piece of equipment which has become unreliable, or shown the first signs of age and degree of use. Through FSA's Depot Repair Center you can bring it back on-line. Many labs also have equipment capabilities which have either been in storage, un-operational, or just been shelved for years. Use our Depot Repair Center to bring your unused assets back on-line.


AgilentTM Instruments We Service

Gas Chromatographs: 
Liquid Chromatographs: 
Mass Spectrometers: 
Sample Introduction: 
Data Systems: 
 7890B, 7890A 6890N, 6890A, 5890II
 1260, 1200, 1100
 5977, 5975, 5973
 7673A, 7673B, 7673C, 7683A, 7683B, 7693A, G1888A
  Agilent OpenLab Chemstation and older versions of Chemstation (GC, Mass Spec, LC, Uv/Vis, A-D)


The Depot Repair Process

Step 1: Fill out the form below or call 800-842-5742 and ask to setup a depot repair of your instrument. If you would like you can ask to speak to one of our experienced service engineers for a free basic evaluation of your systems problems and a first level estimate of repair cost. You can then decide if you would like to take the next step in getting a detailed repair estimate.
Step 2: Full Spectrum will provide you with an authorization number and shipping instructions to send your instrument(s) to our Depot Repair Center. Follow the directions and mark the outside of the box with the authorization number.
Step 3:
Upon receipt, your equipment will be evaluated and a technician will call you with a detailed assessment and estimate, at which time you can authorize the work if you like, or speak with a sales representative about trade-in or upgrade options.
Step 4:
Receive your repaired/refurbished instrument or upgrade solution and start enjoying the benefits of using an instrument that is working like the day it was manufactured.

Start a Depot Repair